FAQs Associated To Bitcoin Gaming Sites

BlockFi is the crypto lending platform that had recently announced that they will be increasing their deposit rates spreads across the wide array of cryptocurrencies. It has been mentioned that it had decided to withdraw allowing a policy of a free withdrawal that had been previously available monthly.

The particular announcement had been followed after BlockFi temporarily bagging the $250 million rotating credit line from the FTX. Amidst the concerns regarding the financial status of the company, the lending platform had fired 20% of their staffs in order to enhance their finances.

The reason behind the policy is recognized to the proper risk management policies as it has been mentioned by their company. It includes efficiently helping bringing down the market competition and the overall improvement of the macroeconomic yield situations of the platform.

Recent Policy of BlockFi

In the most recent policy of BlockFi, the rates for GUSD, PAX, BUSD, USDT, BTC, ETH, and USDC into BIA or BlockFi Interest Account had all been hiked.

Just to defend the cost initiative the platform said that the earlier rates had give chance of bigger consumer rewards during a crypto market crash. It had been announced the rate increase across all the tiers of the above mentioned cryptocurrencies.

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For example yields on Bitcoin must be hiked from 0.50% – 1.90%. Ethereum can see the increase through 0.50% – 1.75%. Alternatively, the stable coins will see the similar hike also by 0.50% – 3%.

With this rates for Ethereum and Bitcoin can start to fall in between the ranges of 2% & 3.50% while the stable coins may oscillate in between 6% – 8.75%. The hike will come to effect at the start immediately.

In relation to the withdrawal fee the company had said that it may lower them. Alongside this BlockFi may totally do away with “a free withdrawal in every month” policy.

Reasons After The Policy

blockfi policy

BlockFi had been of the opinion which these policies can change three of the most important factors that will allow the price boost of a platform. The three factors will include decreasing market competition, change macro yield environment and effective risk management.

While stating the cause of risk management, the company seems to be certain that the current technique will take down competition from the other companies. BlockFi shall provide their 100% uptime of their retail platform and their institutional lending desk whereas the other platforms will shut withdrawals.

It also said that it did not get exposure to stETH or UST because of the increased volatility in crypto market in the past sixty days. BlockFi has pointed to the rise in the US Treasury yields increase lending and deposit rate for those untrained Treasury yields are yearly interest paid out with their investors who hold the government security.

FAQs Associated To Bitcoin Gambling Sites

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Q1. Is Every Bitcoin Casino Safe?

When you consider using the Bitcoin gambling sites, you’re probably worried about the safety of your money. Maybe you have heard the high-profile cryptocurrency of someone being thefts and some hacking incidents.

However, when you take some of the basic precautions, apply Bitcoin cryptocurrency in an online casino website will be safer than using the traditional currency. Know more about the difference in playing between bitcoin casino vs traditional casino.

Q2. How To Use The Bitcoin Casino And Then Purchase Bitcoin?

To use the payment option, you should first make the Bitcoin wallet. The wallets come in 3 types:

Online wallet – it stores the personal keys in a cloud and can be accessed from the device. While they’re the handiest, it’s critical to protect the information by only applying the wallet through private networks.

Software or offline wallets – these are kept on the PC or as the app on your mobile device. This is the only device that has access to your wallet.

Hardware wallets – these are the securest, according to most studies done, however, they’re also the most difficult. All Bitcoins are saved in the separate section of the hardware which resembled the USB flash drive.

After that, it’s just a theme of connecting a wallet to a casino and creating quick transactions.

The moment that you find your ideal casino, you may go on and make your account, make your initial deposit, and then start playing.

Q3. Is It Possible For You To Withdraw Your Bitcoin From The Online Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

You can withdraw your Bitcoins from the online casinos that give a proper payout option. It’s customary for casino to accept Bitcoin deposits and also to allow the players to make some Bitcoin withdrawals.

But, when a casino doesn’t offer Bitcoin withdrawal, you’ll be able to choose from the other alternative payout bank options that are provided.

Q4. How To Make Bitcoin Transaction?

The primary step in making the transaction by using the Bitcoin is to make sure that the online casino that you choose accepts Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Right after deciding on Bitcoin as the preferred payment option, you’ll need to make the Bitcoin Wallet account. When you haven’t previously done so, your next step is finding your Bitcoin Wallet website.

The moment that you have created your wallet, you will finally deposit and also withdraw Bitcoins from the Bitcoin Wallet account.

Also, each Bitcoin casino had their personal set of rules with regards to their deposits and withdrawals, so you must go over with the rules first.

Q5. Is It For Real That Gambling With The Cryptocurrencies Will Require Higher Wagering?

Usually, gambling and gaming with cryptocurrencies doesn’t imply added wagering requirements. For example, one of the best crypto casinos, like mBit, gives an exclusive no-wager offer to every gamer who uses Bitcoins when enjoying at their crypto online casino website.

Unfortunately, there had been some attempts by the casinos to defraud the customers through imposing unreasonably bigger wagering requirements on the crypto bets.

Q5. What To Do If You Don’t Have Cryptocurrencies?

When you don’t have any crypto, you may use fiat currency in buying BTC or deposit by using the chosen fiat currency payment options.

Most casinos are accepting a range of deposits and withdrawals, including debit & credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and prepaid checks.

The most common payment methods for the online casinos are PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Skrill, and wire transfers.

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