History of the Slot Games

The slot machines are simply one of the most iconic and recognizable forms in the world of gambling. In this regard, it’s estimated that about 1.8 million of slot games machines are being active in casinos from around the world.

But, like everything else, the slots were not this popular before. From its humble beginning, they had grown in entertainment, complexity, and ingenuity value through the years. It has been really true ever since the start of the online slots.

In tracing back the history of these best gambling machines, here is the outlined history of slot games. Read on to witness how your most preferred gambling medium cultivates to be what it’s now.

The Concept of Slot Games

While officially it’s a slot machine, its first ever slot has not been considered really to become one with most individuals. This is since the machine, was invented by Sittman & Pitt in 1891 in New York, do not pay out any amount. Instead, all the prizes had been paid out with cigars and free drinks. This makes sense since the machines were mainly discovered in bars and pubs.

The machine was fairly simple and provides the main thought from which the modern slot machines develop. The slot had 5 drums used in playing. The drums rotated on the hub pin until the lever was utilized to activate the stopping mechanism that stopped the drums also once every time. The lever is what is credited for a nickname 1-armed bandit.

Every drum held 10 cards from the normal playing deck with the sum of 50 cards. The card that is only missing from the deck was the 10 of spades and also the jack of the hearts. The causes for excluding the cards were to boost the house edges and to give players their lower chance to succeed.

The First Slot Games

Creating the thought of Sittman & Pitt, Charles Fey started working on the version of the slot machine. Since it offers automatic payouts, in the later versions, it even featured the coin checkers that will identify fake coins, Charles has been recognized as the father of the slot machines and the first released of his invention was in 1895.

After utilizing bells as the sign in a game, the machine (named as Liberty Bell) only presents three reels instead of the 5 of Sittman & Pitt. It also did not feature any cards. As a substitute, it used hearts, horseshoes, diamonds, spades, and their iconic liberty bell.

Its decreased symbols and reels made it simpler for a machine to identify the win and pay outs accordingly. But, while a machine was hugely famous, Fey forgot to copyright the design and because of this, the other producers hurriedly start cloning the machine, then flood the market.

Because of the influx of the machines and the gambling popularity, the government resolved it with an action. So, in the year 1902, gambling had been officially outlawed. But, the slot manufacturers discovered the unique way around a ban instead of curbing an issue. 

Machines were styled to give payouts of prizes such as candies and some other treats instead of cash. These offered the people with the similar gambling thrill, but, make sure that they will only take something they could eat-on instead of cash. During this time, the manufacturer named Herbert Mills produced its first ever machine utilizing the fruit symbols, that are still widely utilized.

The Electrical Slot Reform

From 1964, there are lots of companies that had attempted to cultivate the next huge slot machine. This improvement was accelerated since gambling was observed as a more acceptable, and its laws about the activity were starting to soften. No business made as much development, but, as Bally.

Bally was credited with creating the first electromechanical slot machine. The machine was titled Money Honey, presented the fully electric reels which would pay out up to 500 coins — the feat that no other slot can boast. Al this machine was electric, its trusted lever was present, as it had been thought that taking it out would throw off the people from what they’d been used to.

The Money Honey release sparked a current time in the slots, and then soon lots of other companies started making fully electric slot machine. During the development of this machine, the fame lever used had been deserted in favor of the easy button.

The slots continued in as much the similar vein until the year 1976, when there are new blew in the business wide open.

The Video Slots Game

In the year 1976, many years after of many similarly, the company named as Fortune Coin produced the first ever video slot machine in the world. The game used the TV screen display with the random number generator which strongly resembles the slot machines now.

After initial the test, the machine massively grew in fame, and the video slots turned to be the norm globally. In 1996, the business was shaken up again by the preface of the first ever slot that had the bonus round also.

Adding the bonus to the games made the slots the famous form of games by far. Per se, the slots started taking over most of the space in the physical casinos. Also, the online slots began creating an appearance in a library of the online casino.

Online Slot Games & Onward

While the primary online casinos that appeared during the late 90s, normally offered games such as roulette, the slots soon started making their way in many diverse casino game libraries. The fame soon wedged in like the wildfire, and lots of developers began looking to cultivate the next best game in earnest.

The online slots soon took on thelife of their individuality and were not anymore developed to emulate a game being offered in the physical casinos. As a substitute, because of the liberty to be more creative, the developers began making lots of wonderful and unique games that speed up the fame of gambling online.

And since then, the online slots had been an almost incredibly big industry. This online gambling market is said to remain comprised of in as much as seventy percent slots. It means that of the massive amount, the slot games alone will generate billions.

The growth will mean that slots need to continue to grow and will be still be actively developed. Now, work is happening to adapt the slots to augmented and virtual reality to attempt and discover the subsequent great leap during the evolution of the gambling icon.

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