Advantages of online casino vs. land based casinos

With the fame of playing online casino with actual money rising, more and more individuals are discovering the gambling thrill. Many have tried to play the classic games of land-based casinos before trying online casino. As always, each of these has benefits and drawbacks. This article will discuss the pros and disadvantages of both offline and internet casinos.

Online casinos have fully taken over the casino industry. The thrill-producing games in traditional land-based casinos have every aspect of a game that is available online. However, the development of the internet has given the gambling industry a fresh perspective. You won’t need to travel far to visit actual casinos to play your favorite games anymore.

These two casino adaptations do, of course, have their benefits. That said, the popularity of online casino has far outweighed that of land-based casinos. If you’re new to gaming, you might wonder what differentiates land-based from online casino.

Land-based Casinos

Landbased Casino
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The land-based casino is a physical establishment where casino operators are giving gambling services. In most cases, they’re set in grounds with bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and hotel rooms. Although online casino will command a massive fan base, the land-based casinos will just be there to stay. The truth is, there are some operators that have the blend of online and land-based casinos.

Online Casinos

The online casino is the online version of the land-based casinos. Among other things, they are relying on the internet to function. You can access the online casino through your personal computer by using the web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Moreover, the present online casino are being optimized for mobile gadgets. Put simply, these gadgets seamlessly work across different mobile platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android gadgets. The cost to set-up the online casino is fairly cheap, and so the virtual casinos numbers have increased in the past years. Usually, the online casino have lots of advantages over the land-based options.

Below are the major advantages:

Ease of Access

Enjoying the land-based casino will involve setting foot in a physical premise giving gambling services. You do not need to do that in the online casino. All that you will need is your mobile device or a computer. It means you can enjoy right inside your house.

What makes online casino even more welcoming is their being friendly with mobile devices that are highly portable. Through the supported tablet or Smartphone, you can now play from your hands on your own roof.

Constant Availability

Most of the online casino are operating round the clock. But there are many others that are operating at specific hours. And that is an area where the online casino are not matched. Even those that do not have the 24/7 customer service will allow you to enjoy playing any time that you want.

Bigger Game Selection

The land-based casinos will require more physical spaces to install tables and the slot machines. As an outcome, the total of games they will offer will depend on the available spaces. Limited spaces will mean lesser games. Alternatively, you will not require physical spaces to set up the online casino. A game is hosted on the remote server with enormous storage capacities. That is why online casino will give a broader spectrum of games, and with every range having many titles.

No Time Wasted

With the online casino, you will save lots of time wasted over traveling to the land-based casino. Also, you don’t need to wait for your turn to enjoy, as is the case with the land-based casino. You simply log in the casino account and then enjoy your favorite game immediately.

Lower Bet Limits

Usually, the online casino had lower bet limits. And even most of the high roller casinos had games and bonuses with the lower bet limits that will accommodate players with the leaner financial muscle. Due to the limited space, the land-based casinos leveraged what they own. One of their approaches being used is increasing the bet limits. In lots of cases, that pushed-away the players is because of smaller bankrolls.

Promotions and Bonuses

Of course, the total online casino are even higher than the land-based options. So, you would expect competitions for customers to become stiff since many new online casino had been going live each day.

The online casinos are treating their customers to different seasonal and regular offers to maintain attractiveness to numerous players as possible. That is something that hardly happens at the land-based casinos. Generally, the online casinos can roll the carpet for the new players with the welcome package in free spins and bonus money. There is also a “No deposit” online casino. They will give you the bonus without the need to deposit anything.

Four advantages of online casinos over the land-based casinos – market business news

Online Casino
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Not everybody you see over the land-based casinos is a genuine gamer. Others are thieves that are masquerading as players. Maybe you have heard of the instances where the winners had been mugged shortly after they left the land-based casino. With online gaming, the winnings are secured because you can withdraw them directly to your mobile wallet, bank account, or e-wallet.


There’s no privacy in the land-based casinos. And chances are you will bump with some shady personalities. And that will not be good for you, especially if you have introversive movements. There are also cases where unruly gamers refuse to have a smoke from the designated smoking areas. They do it straight on the casino floor while waiting for their turn. If it is online casinos, you may play from your room or anywhere in your house with total privacy.

VIP Programs

The loyalty or VIP programs are the usual feature in most online casinos. These casinos are using them as the means to reward loyal customers. As one VIP member, you can enjoy exclusive advantages when you move from a level to another higher level. You can take customized offers, invitation to special events, faster withdrawals, birthday gifts, a VIP manager, etc. These had been the things you can’t have in the land-based casinos.

Play For Fun

Lots of online casinos will allow you to enjoy some games just for fun, something that you can’t find in the land-based casino. Playing for fun has been the best means to familiarize you with the new games just before you begin playing them for the actual money. It is also advised to play for fun when you’re learning online games.


At any rate, the online casinos have a lot of advantages over the land-based casinos. Through the recurrent advancement in technology, they may only get better with time. But, that will not only denote that brick-and-mortar casinos can be decreased to a shell. Gaming enthusiasts who are enjoying the social set-up will always love to visit them.

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