Research Of The Bitcoin Gambling And The Gaming Market

Players now are considered as the most involved users of the online bitcoin casinos. The research companies are analyzing countries of online bitcoin gambling market, then, they are going to compare it to other gamblers of other countries.

Gamblers differences with one another

The research showed that there are about 73.9 million active users of the bitcoin and online casinos. Among this figure are: 52% gambling for the real money, and about 2.6% are on high rollers. To compare, a company has counted a quantity of casino players within Asia. For example, among the Asian casino customers, around 60% of 8.9 million gamers bet on real money, and then the 3% of them will prefer to leave important total in an online gambling establishment.

There are some other Asian countries whose players are less involved, about 2.4 million had been the clients of the bitcoin and online casinos, and about 43% of them are gambling with money. However, the percentage of the high rollers is higher on them, 3.4% of these Asians are spending large sums in the casinos. Based on the survey, it can be said that there are Asian players that love to play for money, while on the other view of it they are not “hot gamblers”.

Who are enjoying in the bitcoin gambling casinos?

The analysis of an age category of Asian casino customers illustrated that:

  • the most active players are men aging 36-50 (21% of the sum)
  • the second place is taken by ladies aging from 36-50 years, they are 16%
  • while the third place are guys from 26-35 years old

The less active players of Asian Bitcoin casino were ladies aging from 18-25. About 6% of the Asian women in this group preferred gambling. When we are going to compare the numeral of players by their gender, then it can be said that the most active will be men. But, there are about 5% more men bitcoin casino gamers than women. So, it is worth recording that the statistics of Asian gamers are not really different the other states or countries. In these countries, about 54% and 56% of gamblers are the men.

Bitcoin casinos and the Asian player solvency

According to a research, men are playing the most for cash in Asian bitcoin casinos. About 58% of them will make smaller bets, whereas the 42% preferred to gamble for the middle or the large bets. Females do not leave big sums in the bitcoin casino. When we are going to compare the women category aging from 26 to 35, then the 16% prefer to have smaller bets, and the 12% plays with higher stakes. This suggested that Asian men are braver to play than the women.

Popular games of bitcoin casinos

bitcoin gambling

Base on the market research, the famous of all gambling online game has been the bitcoin poker. Over than 27% of the gamblers preferred to play this game and the second in line is taken by the bitcoin slots, where more than 26 percent of gamers are actively enjoying to play this online game. The third in place between the bitcoin casino customers has been taken by bingo. Bingo has been played by the 17% of the gamblers. And then Blackjack landed in the fourth place category that appears to be a strange thing. The filmmakers are constantly in the promotion of this game maybe it is already the sign that film advertisement does not work really well anymore. Lastly, Roulette and some other gambling games had been of lesser interest to the Asian players.

How to select the best bitcoin casinos?

It will all depend on what country you are living in, there are so many diverse criteria base on which you are going to select the bitcoin casino and this can be difficult.

Below are some tips that you can follow to make this simpler for you:

Choose the Reputable Site – an ability to trust the bitcoin casino is really given the reality that you’re about to deposit the real money in your personal account. Be certain that the site is really licensed by the proper gambling authority, which will all depends on the state.

Look for the biggest selection of games – a best site will not only have the biggest catalog of games, however, it may consist of all the varieties of them. Search for the bitcoin casinos that can have the games that you’ll be interested to play. You should check also which software the developers are being listed on the website. Always look for the sign of top quality.

Check for the welcome bonus lists – every bitcoin casino is giving special bonuses for their new players. You may simply take some hundred dollars without really doing anything, just by merely registering and deposit some funds in your account. Just always read the entire bonus rules to be certain it does not come with firm wagers.

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